Moscow drivers today are advised to take public transport: from night snowing, the sidewalks are covered with ice, the traffic is very dense. However, for many Muscovites, this snowstorm has become rather long-awaited.

This is probably the most long-awaited snowfall in recent years. According to forecasts for this winter have already set an absolute record for the night has fallen 5 inches of rain, and the snow is still spinning and does not melt. Many Muscovites, out on the street, said: “at last!”

– Great! Amazing! The snow is quite a different mood. We waited and hoped that this would happen.

– of Course, happy! Waited for the kid to play. As soon as you can see, so just go out into the street.

In Moscow parks snow much more than on the streets. Fans of a healthy lifestyle finally got up on skis.

– Perfect weather, snow, incredible beauty!

Significantly increased people and on rollers.

– to get some Snow left to go!

the windshield Wipers brushed away the dust with a shovel and began to shovel the snow from the yard. Clean Parking lots, playgrounds, sweep paths.

All the utilities were ready to a snowfall in advance. In the evening people work in the strengthened mode. First track sweep, and then shoveling the snow on the roadside, and after being taken to snow-melting stations. Under close supervision of especially dangerous sites such as bridges, overpasses, tunnels and steep slopes. All the tracks are treated with deicing agents.

“Remnants of snow that remain on the road (in any case, it’s completely sweep), from the heat of the machines is converted to water and starts to freeze. To avoid the crust, we process anti — icing material,” said Andrey Sokolov, Deputy head of the GBU “highways”.

Snowfall impact on traffic, road maps significantly “flushed”. Since morning the Moscow stood up in traffic jams. According to forecasts, they will only tookto iceutica. In TMS drivers are encouraged without the need for a wheel and to use public transport.

in the evening the temperature will drop to minus 6 degrees. Ahead forecasters promise even a few snow days. Winter gives Muscovites the debt.

Text: “to Conduct-Moscow”