Kortrijk-Fee every Tuesday (17) from Avelgem to win ‘the Queen ‘ or ‘ the Art of 2019’. This is a game for girls aspiring to a career as a model and would like to develop. A great achievement, because it is the best of the 800 entries into the country.

The final show, and the catwalk was held on Saturday, October 26, at the Staff Versluyscentrum in Bredene. There were, in the past few months to earn points with the photo-shoots, workshops, a portfolio, and commitment to great destinations and more. Fairy in the clouds with her, under the penalty of victory: “I have worked for the competition when the going gets tough, she picked up on how to get the best poses in front of the lens, and has grown into a full-fledged model. It is that combination which brought me, eventually, most of the points. I managed to save € 2,500, with a one-year contract as a model, and the prices of such jewelry as well as gift vouchers within stores. By the title, I am one step closer to the modeling world. There will be a few doors to open. The reaction has been very positive. A lot of people were one hundred percent behind me.” For example, I received positive feedback on all my photo shoots. Many people who have me followed and found me a real winner. I’m going to make my modeling and now, with my studies, combine, ( Fairy, follows, in the sixth year of the Humanities and social Sciences, and Economics, in Athena’s Pottelberg in Kortrijk (belgium), editor’s note. .). I will be in the next few years, along with the organisers of the Queen-of-the-Art, some tasks, such as photo shoots, and the acts of the performance,” said Fee.