Leonhard Seidl says he’s “still shocked” when he the events of 31. May 2017 before a Nuremberg professional school think. The 42-Year-old sat that day in a human chain.

“The police was very brutal,” says the Bavarian author and refugee activist on that day, the Afghan refugee Asef N. pulled out of his school and deported. Many students showed solidarity with their classmates. Supporters and Autonomous were added.

At the end of a good 300 people tried to prevent the deportation. It came to riots between the police and the protesters – according to official sources, nine policemen and several protesters were injured.


Many of the Protesters and observers of the use of criticism, the police had then proceeded to aggressively. It is undisputed that the officers batons and pepper-use spray. The authorities litters, in contrast, spoke of massive attacks such as a Bottle and a in the direction of the officials thrown Bicycle. And also the Afghan students, the teachers and classmates as well integrated to describe, to the officials violent.

Therefore, the now 22-Year-old had to answer on Wednesday before the Nuremberg district court. While outside refugee activists such as Leonhard demonstrate Seidl, Asef N. made, to the exclusion of the General Public in the process.

The public Prosecutor’s office accuses him of resisting law enforcement officers, bodily injury and disturbance of the public peace, as well as property damage. The young man is said to have thrown bottles at a traffic light. The damage to property grants Asef n. a. “He has apologized for the wrongdoing and compensation paid,” says his lawyer, Michael Brenner on the edge of the process. He speaks of a youthful error.

On Wednesday afternoon, a court spokesman steps in front of the journalists waiting and announces the decision. Asef N. is spoken because of damage to property, resistance against law enforcement officials and for bodily injury as well as the illicit stay guilty.

Nuremberg, Who is the young Afghan Asef N.?

Because he was at the time of the fact, not 21 years old, sentenced him to the presiding judge to the juvenile justice system. Asef N. must do 100 hours of community service. “The judgment reflects the Educational idea”, says a court spokesman. An Arrest was not appropriate.

Asef N., wearing a black suit, declines after the trial, requests for interviews from journalists. The MIRROR, he says, he was “broadly satisfied with the judgment”. He smiles several times relieved his supporters. But the fear of deportation to Afghanistan continues, says his lawyer. Because the asylum application of the Asef N. was rejected in November of this year.

Brenner did not suit. And as long as the process is running, Asef N. will not be deported. But whether the young Afghan can then stay in its new home, is uncertain.

Outside it’s raining on Wednesday in Streams. Seidl and a good dozen refugee activists building and endurance, nevertheless, already since hours in front of the court. “Asef has already been enough wronged,” says Seidl.

demonstrators in front of the courthouse in Nuremberg, Germany

On a banner reads: “Together in solidarity and friendship”. Protester Janosch Kramer says, the Faith of many students in the rule of law had suffered: “Many were stunned about the actions of the police.” The Nuremberg-based refugee activists would have had in the following months, large numbers of sympathizers.

He wanted to but draw attention to the fact that proceedings against his statement, running after innocent protesters. In fact, the Prosecutor’s office had initiated investigations against 19 fellow students and sympathizers. A spokeswoman for the Nuremberg public Prosecutor’s office confirmed to the MIRROR. In three cases, had been given up to November already the final judgments.

A young man who had resisted the opinion of the court with kicks and punches, however, as police officers pulled him from a seat chain, received two years ‘ probation, the highest sentence. Three first instance judgments, as well as three Penalty orders were not of the speaker, in the November final. Several other procedures have been already set.

refugee activist Leonhard Seidl

In two cases, the public Prosecutor’s office determined against police officers. Both procedures had, however, been set – including one for assault in the office due to an alleged Assault against Leonhard Seidl .

The MIRRORS present the photos in a video camera recording of the police from the 31. May 2017 to show that the author of the book was hit by a fist of a police officer. Also to be included in the decision terminating the proceedings. Since the official was harassed from the point of view of the investigator, however, many of the protesters and in the direction of the emergency vehicle down, he’s just trying “to get his movement and reaction ability” – and this corresponds to the principle of Proportionality.

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