Livios do you Want to be an old house, a quick isolation? It is the wall cavity filled with insulation is a useful approach. The insulation material through a pre-drilled hole in the outer wall into the cavity and to the side. It sounds simple, but there are, in practice, there are some considerations to think about. Henry a Curator: of Isolteam Luc Schoonjans of Pluimers Isolatie tell aanbouwsite Livioswaar things can go wrong. 1. Non-vorstbestendige facade insulation

Spouwmuurisolatieis impossible for a non-vorstbestendige building, according to Snauwaert. “Certain of the façade materials may occur from damage caused by frost in the. Think back to the mortar and, on the basis of the vorstgevoelige the place du grand sablon (yellow sand). In case of a non-geïsoleerdespouwwordt of the facade from the inside, is heated and protected from freezing. After the isolation of the layers will disappear in this room’s heat, and the facade is exposed to the cold. The moisture in the zavelmortel you can freeze and expand, which causes damage to the façade of the building.”

Some of the bricks have a glaze so that the stone will not be able to breathe, to warn Henry Curator:. “Well, you have a risk of frost damage when water from the grout into the stone ground below. Due to the impermeable glaze on the tiles, they may not be fast enough to dry out, and freeze them. The same is true for the painted walls: many older, vapour-proof paint, which interferes with the surface to breathe, and frost damage as a result of it.”

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2. Cavities are not inspected in advance,

“The space should be, first and foremost, it is wide enough to isolate it,” says Snauwaert. “Preferably, at least 50 mm. With some materials, it is technically feasible to do so in order to isolate, from a width of 35 to 40 mm, but you can paseen amount of the netbeheerdervanaf 50 mm.”Please check here if you are entitled to a premium.

Luc Schoonjans adds: “During the construction of the building, and over the years, the gas-filled cavity is contaminated, get it with cementresten, dirt, and other debris. This is the brand and the many years due to a discoloration on the wall. A test between the joints, it gives an indication of the amount of spouwvervuiling. That has to be destroyed first. If this Is not possible, then we recommend the insulation of. In spouwvervuiling, you run the risk that condensation can skip to the inner wall by the mortelbruggen and cementbaarden. This vormeneen moisture between the surface and the inside, with mold as a result of it. A pre-inspection, it is of crucial importance.”

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