you are to drink alcohol. After the class, outside the school. This is the task to ninth graders in Brandenburg get of Templin, if you are participating in a project. This is funded by the Ministry of health of the Federal state and various insurance companies.

It is the task for some parents, especially for horror – while initiators and supporters of the project to explain again and again how useful it is.

The project in question is called “Rather be smart than blue” and is aimed at young people, the ninth and tenth classes, in Brandenburg to the school. Since 2011, it is carried out by a drug prevention Agency, which belongs to a clinic in the Brandenburg town of Lindow.

the project is taking Place at a school in the state, runs it like this: experts from drug prevention to inform parents in a specially offered for this event on the drinking of alcohol by young people. What can happen when young people drink spirits? How can you raise awareness for a conscious way of dealing with the noise?

Per Person, a maximum of four bottles of beer

Then, a questionnaire will be distributed to the parents: you can vote with a few days of reflection, about whether or not your daughter or your son may try out in a protected part of alcohol. The majority of parents, meet students, teachers and professionals in the addiction prevention outside the school, for example, in the youth center. There will then be served alcohol. An Individual can have a maximum of drinking four bottles of beer (0,33 Liter) or four small glasses of wine or sparkling wine (0.125 l). Can take part only, who is at least 15 years old and one of the parents can be picked up.

on this afternoon, and in the following hours of teaching experience will be evaluated and then The students assess themselves and others, ask the question, what have they done drinks with them. You should tell: Have you spoken under the influence of alcohol different, different feel?

this year, the project will take place also at the high school in Templin. But before that can happen, there are neat criticism.

Some parents and grandparents were outraged, reports the “North Kurier”. A mother turned to the local newspaper. “First, we should educate our children about the damage caused by alcohol and drugs, and now is offered in the school of the alcohol of teachers,” said the mother of the newspaper.

Several media reported that he is also on the Templin school, including the “image”. Headline: “students should learn about Drinking in school”. The school itself does not want to comment publicly, and refers to the Ministry of education. But even the spokesman for the authority declined to comment to the MIRROR opposite on the project.

No senseless drunk

The experts from the land office for addiction issues have some trouble to understand the excitement. “Of course it is not a question of students to get drunk senseless concerned,” says Andrea Hardeling from the Brandenburg land office for addiction issues. The Drink was embedded in extensive prevention work, there are teaching materials. The project had been approved by the Ministry of education. Additionally, no liquor will served. “And no one will be forced to not drink alcohol, even though he wants to,” says Hardeling.

For seven years the project over to the schools. In the past three years, seven classes were. In the meantime, there have been requests from other States, wanted to take on the project, says Andrea Hardeling.

the idea for The Experiment originated in a time in which the term “binge drinking” in public debates dominated. The number of under 20 Year olds were brought to alcohol excesses in clinics, was at a maximum. In 2012, shortly after the project “was Rather clever than blue” at the Start, have been in Germany far 26.673 children and young people between ten and 19 years after Saufexzessen in clinics. There were so many as never before since the beginning of statistical recording in the year 2000, reported by the Federal Statistical office.

In the course of subsequent years the Numbers declined again: in 2017, there were 21.721 young people, which had to be treated for a full rush in the hospital. The Problem is still large, the Federal drug Commissioner, calls again and again for better protection.

loss of control never came before

The Brandenburg project allows him to offer: “It is that young people can deal with the dangers of alcohol, without that it is dangerous,” says Hardeling. When the participants arrive, it is good that not only persons of authority in the Experiment – but the young people are also under and besprächen, what experiences would you have done already.

Anyway, the project is addressed more in schools where it was noticed that alcohol is a theme among the students, says Hardeling. “I would perform at all in a class, in the never someone has something to drink.” Rather, the aim is to compare the good and less good experiences with each other.

guardians are applied anyway. Hardeling peace of mind: No young people have lost during the project, depending on the control. No “Booze”, instead, is the opposite: parents, teachers, and students have set, together with questions about use and Addiction apart.

Will conduct the high school Templin the project? A question that has perhaps even yet. Neither the school nor the Brandenburg Ministry of education wanted to answer it.