Since it was revealed in October, its scheduled departure of the TRAIN, Mathias Vicherat was announced everywhere. In the private sector : at Altarea Cogedim, and then at Vinci. At the head of Ofpra, the French Office for the protection of refugees and stateless persons, public institution, without a boss for several months. And recently in the com’ of the Elysée palace, sensitive post to be filled since the resignation of Sylvain Fort. It is finally at Danone that the quadra will put its suitcases, after two years at the station. The former director of the office of Bertrand Delanoë and Anne Hidalgo at Paris city hall, had been spotted by Guillaume Pepy during the arduous negotiations between the City and the SNCF for the sale of land the real estate of the railway company.

Recruited in early 2017 for the post of deputy director general in charge of the enterprise Project, of the Communication and the Image of the SNCF, the mandarin-promotion Senghor (Emmanuel Macron) quickly became the voice of the company in the conflict. In other words, the firefighter sent to the fire to calm users frustrated, first for the failures of its giant Montparnasse train station, and then during the months of go-slow to oppose the reform rail scope by the government. Mathias Vicherat not admit it, but there is no doubt that this job of sales representatives of a company in a state of permanent crisis has blunted his initial enthusiasm, he dreamed of drawing the SNCF of the Twenty-first century. Wanting to grow after two years spent on the bridge (or, rather, on the quay) to announce the bad news, the forty-something woman has not found within the group of railway of opportunity to the extent of his desires. Or its ambitions, will correct those who peddle the idea that he was preparing to stand in the position of Guillaume Pepy, whose mandate expires in 2020.

Network eclectic

At Danone, where he held the position of secretary-general, the former admirer of Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who at one time officiated in the shadow of the latter to the ministry of higher Education, after having founded the section of Attac Sciences Po, has found a home port in line with its social beliefs. If it duplicates in part functions of a lobbyist-in-chief, Emmanuelle Wargon, appointed secretary of State to the minister of the ecological Transition, it broadened its scope with the safety, CSR and crisis management. Companion to the city of Mary Drucker, the senior official on the left is built in the course of these meetings, a network of eclectic on which it can rely to carry out its new missions.

If Mathias Vicherat remained close to the former mayor of Paris, with which it shares very regularly, it has also established friendly relations with several large cops right after having been sub-prefect in the direction of the national police under the orders of Frédéric Péchenard, who became director-general of the Republicans after the victory of Nicolas Sarkozy at the head of the party. It is therefore not surprising to have been able to cross at the invitations he gave in the framework of the partnership of the SNCF with leThéâtre du Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées, Christian Lothion, ex-director of the judicial police, Jean-Louis Nadal, former magistrate and current president of the High Authority for transparency in public life (HATVP) or Éliane Houlette, the patron saint of the parquet national financier.

Small circle elysian

Good friend of Emmanuel Macron to the ENA, Mathias Vicherat would not have been stranger to the Elysée palace, where his name has been circulated for the position of director of communications. Very close to Philippe Grangeon, the new special adviser to the head of State, and Nicolas Revel, who will replace Alexis Kohler for the position of secretary general, Mathias Vicherat had the assistant to the mayor of Paris Anne de Bayser, deputy secretary general of the Castle. And knows without a doubt, Pierre-Olivier Costa, director of the office of Brigitte Macron, who has been a part of teams Delanoë and Hidalgo. With Danone, the company is 100 % privately owned, the mandarin has chosen to venture into the unknown land. And add a line very international to his CV already full.