Cross-country and Even kettingproblemen may, Eli Iserbyt will not stop. The 22-year-old of West-Flanders was the victory of smell, until he is in the pitch, it was left by the materiaalpech. Tom Pidcock – that another light – weight all came back, but with a new Iserbyt went on in a real fight is still to win over the line. Iserbyt is the leader of the DVV Insurance Event. Michael Vanthourenhout occupied the final spot on the podium.

november 1st, in time for the Rain. And it’s time to re-ask the same question: who is Eli Iserbyt, what? The rain made it easier for that to be the season’s revelation, a tour tailor-made came from. “It will be very slippery. I like it,” he said he has to go.

Iserbyt was a knalstart. The only Thijs Aerts was able to follow it, but it was fast. Tom Pidcock name of that job after a less than early on, at the end of the first round of the able-bodied British citizen at the wheel of the man in front of them today, six seizoenszeges was able to gather. Also the Show for one more Year seemed to be just to be able to connect to it, but stopped to hold his breath, and followed promptly on the twenty-second. That gap would have to rise, and the Belgian champion would not succeed in the Institutions was in fourth place.