International football, Erik ten Hag to make the season just to finish in the Box. The coach, in Germany it is called as a prime candidate for Niko Kovac to do, who yesterday resigned as coach of Bayern Munich.

“I’m staying at Ajax”, the Hag. ,”I’m going to focus this season is on Ajax, where I can I want it to do. Interested to spoil it, but that’s all. I have all the energy and focus required to be a lack of working.” At the Hag, who, in Amsterdam, still has a contract until mid-2022, it has worked in the past, filled with satisfaction for two years at Bayern Munich as coach of the second team. “Bayern is a great club and I have a very nice time had by all. The club is certainly in a place in my heart, but I will focus now on the Box.”

The coach spoke of the alleged interest, during a press conference at Stamford Bridge, where Ajax tomorrow in the Champions League final against Chelsea. Two weeks ago, the Locals in their own stadium and are still 0-1 down at the English club. “We have to be off to a good start, then we have a chance. Compared to the first match, we need to be better on the ball. We need to be more precise and make better choices. That is, it is not easy, but we can do better. Chelsea are a very good team, but we do have good players, and I have a lot of confidence in them. We are more likely to have major challenges with time.