Livios Live in is becoming more and more expensive. As well as our energy bills will shoot each and every year. Five weeks is a long time, we Energiedossier of best practices waarinbouwsite Liviosje will help you to save money. In part one of two: save money with renewable energy.

do you still Have the eenoude, power-hungry ketelin house. With a new condensing boiler will save you over 30% on your energy bill and emits less CO2. Also, by switching to renewable solutions can help you to save money. Of course, you will need to have funding, but with a quick payback period, pre-heat your oven will soon be in a cost-effective manner. In addition, you will get investments at a premium.
1. Solar panels

the Solar panels convert sunlight directly into electricity that you can use. You can use the electricity that your solar panels don’t produce? Then it will be in the network, which will be injected and the position of your feet back. But what is the situation with the introduction of the digital m? Who’s solar panels to install before January 1, 2021 can be enjoyed from the principle of the meter tellerin, combined with the prosumententarief.

For a typical installation of 14 solar panels that are up to 3 200 kWh it produces,expect to pay around 5,000 euros.With solar panels you produce cheap electricity, even if you are not a premium and you will pay a prosumententarief. The savings on your electricity bill can go up to 500 euros per year. Over the past ten years, you will have your investment paid back.

Savings: of up to € 500 per year.

Tip: :you have to Have the right to have a energiepremie? Make sure it is using the premielinker.
2. A solar water heater

To your existing boiler and can be jeeen solar hot water system link. That is from a hot water tank and a solar collector on your roof. The collector captures the heat from the sun and is warmed by the energy from the sun to the domestic water in the hot water tank on. There is plenty of sunshine in our country for about half of the domestic water free of charge, to warm up. Your boiler uses less energy, and it jumps only when necessary.

The cost depends on the size of the system. A good price for a complete set, is $ 1,000/m2). For a family of four will have to deal with this in a hot water tank of 300 litres and two collectors 2,5 m2 in size. To do this, you will pay approximately 5,000 euros. Using the net you can get a contribution of 550 euros per m2 (up to a maximum of 2750 euro. On average you save with a solar hot water system is around 100 to 150 euro per year. The more energy you save, the higher the premiums, the faster your investment will have paid for itself.

Savings: of up to 150 euros per year.