Inland PS-president Elio Di Rupo, is the Walloon minister-president. That is, let PS know. Di Rupo is the head of one of the purple-green government, which is currently the Walloon minister-president, and Willy Borsus (MR), the runner-up will be. The longer are party conferences of the PS, MR and Ecolo, have we as the government accords approval. Today, the ministers take an oath in the French-speaking Parliament.

from the regional government is given to the P.S. . in addition, the Di Has two ministers: Christie Morreale is responsible for employment, Social Action and Equality of Opportunity, and Pierre-Yves Dermagne is to the minister of Local government and Housing.

Willy Borsus ( MR: ) is given as a number two behind it, the Di Has the key items of Economy, Foreign Trade, Land-use Planning and Agricultural authorities. PartijgenootJean-Luc Crucke, remains as minister of Finance and Budget, responsible for the regional airports, and sports facilities. Valérie De Bue is to the minister for the Civil service, Administrative procedures, child support, Tourism, cultural Heritage and road Safety.


Ecological shifts within the new regional government, Philippe Henry, as minister for Climate change, which is also responsible for Mobility management, Infrastructure, and Energy. Henry was previously a minister in the second government, Rudy Demotte. Céline Tellier, topvrouw of the milieukoepel, Inter-Environnement Wallonie (IEW), will be the minister of Nature, Environment, animal Welfare, and Rural Rehabilitation.

New Hazée, over the last few years, leader in the brussels Parliament, has confirmed that he is not a minister.

French Community

French Community PS: , the secretary of Education to deliver this. That is, the Brussels-based Caroline Désir, who, since the election is in the Room and has a seat. Frédéric Daerden, Member of parliament and son of the deceased, colorful, Liège, prime minister Michel Daerden, it is the minister of the Budget, the Civil service and Equal Opportunities of the French-speaking Community.

MR: would become the prime minister of the French Community will be able to deliver. That would be Pierre-Yves Jeholet, as yet, the Walloon minister of the Economy. To the general public, unknown, Valérie Glatigny, is now the minister in charge of Higher Education, and is responsible for the Scientific, Research, Youth and Sports.

Ecological in order to create Bénédicte Linard down as prime minister in vanCultuur, the Media, Child-care, health, Health, and women’s Rights in the French Community.
Di Rupo will stop negotiations, the federal government

get The PS to let you know that Jean-Claude Marcourt, the location of the Di Rupo, at the federal bargaining table and will take it as an E-reader-friendly edition by. Currently being renovated, it is the man from Liège, WALLONIA. For years, he was a Walloon minister and now minister of state in the French Community, with responsibility for Higher Education.

it Might he, together with Paul Magnette, on behalf of the socialist party at the federal bargaining table sit down. Observers expect that the Magnette, the new HP president.

what about you, Michel chairman, MR?

Question that remains is, who is the president of the center, after the departure of Charles Michel. According to the party, all the appointed ministers have already indicated that they will not be a candidate for the presidency.