Zaventem airport is Three hours of Sandra Overmeire, or her husband in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe, every day, in the car, in order to make their children less than seven miles away, at school, in Ixelles, to bring it back in to pick it up. It is the result of the work on the boulevard de la Woluwe, which was released more than four years to complete. They are now looking for medegedupeerden to work together to raise the alarm to attract them. The Werkvennootschap can understand the frustration, but to say that there is no alternative.

In August of 2015 and have started the major work on the boulevard de la Woluwe, on the border between Sint-Stevens-Woluwe Kraainem. In the summer of 2017, all the work is actually completed to it. However, due to a dispute between the former road administrator, Roads and Traffic, as well as the former contractor, is one summer on the second phase has begun. The yard is now operated by The Werkvennootschap, that is, a different contractor is appointed. In the meantime, the way to be there for more than a year, was re-opened, but since August is “in progress” and will be the site of a strap around the yard, will be sent. And, as before, that ” at the same time take care of the work for a lot of frustration in the area. So it is with Sandra, the Scope.
Lot of stress out

“Our children are going to be seven miles away in Ixelles for the school,” she said. “Normally, they take the bus, but our daughter has a major knee injury so they had to take the car to the school for you. However, it is a disaster. in the Morning we do an hour and a half in Ixelles to get to the hotel and in the evening, it takes also one hour and a half before we get home. The endless traffic jams around the yard, give us day by day a lot of stress. There really Is no alternative diversion for the locals as possible? We have been more than four years, with the brunt of the work, but you will get no response. Over the past few years, I have more than one message to a former mobiliteitsminister, Ben Weyts (N-VA) sent out, but there was no response. Very frustrating.”

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