Riemst is A bloedverzakking one must be a customer of the betting in Riemst Friday night too. The man was in the 87th minute of a one goal, to be a lot of scoring, so 470.000 euros in the nose and passed by. In the nine matches he had, however, all of them are correct though.

Dutch client who still wishes to remain anonymous, launched last Friday, by a game for 20 euro in the ten football matches this weekend have been played. He bet on the matches of the Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Swiss, competition, and gambled, or for the match by the home or away team won and how many goals there will be.

470.000 euro’s gains

from The potential earnings of 470.000 euros. As the match began, and well into the second half, it looked very bleak for the individual and the client. Even in the last ten minutes seemed to be the 470.000 euro is still inside. But in the 87th minute, things went suddenly wrong when the match Grasshoppers Zurich – FC Vaduz. Noah, the Frick, the new restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, stood still two minutes on the pitch, and then scored quickly in the second half. This saw the Dutchman, 470.000 euros on his nose a try.

“we have not often seen it happen,” says the manager of a bookies, Bonne Chance in Riemst. “Next time,” he explains.