An elderly man in the Dutch city of Zwolle in may to more than 100,000 bereaved. The 80-year-old man was attacked by two men with whom he is thought to be a seksafspraakje to visit him at his home. That turned out to be the beginning of a series of events that led him destitute left behind. The police are looking for four men who, during and after a visit to his house, his accounts, took.

all The misery, it started with a mistake, and that the men using the gay dating site Bullchat with the two men. They have stated that they are from Nijmegen to the east, the Dutch province of Overijssel, the netherlands, about 100 km away) would be eligible for a seksdate to the man.

When the two men on the sidewalk was, however, sex is not to be the case. “The oldest one said that they have, on behalf of the all at him and were sure it had something to do with the child. They wanted to have the computer serviced. The man was quite taken aback, and gave up his passwords, login information or pin information from his / her bank accounts,” said Chantal Westerhoff, from the police to the East of the Netherlands.

all The men were quite overwhelmed, and gave up his passwords, login information and pin information.

Chantal Westerhoff (police in the East of the Netherlands.

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as The two men continued for several hours in the apartment of the Zwollenaar, even though the younger of the two is for a while. Later found out why: in an atm machine in a shopping centre in the neighbourhood of Holtenbroek, it was up to the limit of 11 000 euro, for some reason. After midnight, he would repeat it. In total, the husband was, therefore, about 22,000 euros poorer.

There were, however, not one of them, according to Westerhoff. A few weeks later to re-visit the two men, who said they had heard of all the scams. She wanted to be the man to help you, but they had to do all the login details and codes…. Also, these men are going to sit at the computer. In the days following the visit, there are different bankopnames more than 80,000 euros from the accounts.


The Zwollenaar was totally penniless and behind that, something that the accused might have later realized. The second visit was to the man, namely, in a remarkable call-in, for which he was asked if he still had the money to shop for groceries. He said he was not. Later on, he found in his mailbox an envelope with € 500 in cash.

police are looking for two suspects.The men, who was the first to him and were told the victim that she is with him and spoke Dutch, but among themselves Pass. The men at the time talked among themselves again, but in the Zwollenaar reason to suspect that at least one of them is a half-Moroccan, is.

< / i> from the program Under Scrutiny, the police have the suspect descriptions, the suspects scattered.