In the Federal Council are currently being discussed, the conversion periods for old driving licence, the front of the 19.1. 2013 have been issued. Specifically, it is about 15 million up to 31.12.1998 Euro, issued (paper)driving licences, as well as a further approximately 28 million since 1.1.1999 until 18.1.2013 issued credit-card licences must be exchanged. “There is a request for the exchange of licence can only be personal, it must also be in the interest of the citizens ensured that the exchange for the individual without waiting longer periods is possible,” says the ADAC. Who is affected and when? FOCUS Online brings you up to date.

1. Why you need to be driver’s licenses exchanged?

Germany has to implement an EU Directive providing for the exchange. The reasons for this policy: The traffic law and driving licence should be a centralised, harmonised. In addition, there should be forgery-proof documents. All licences are recorded in an EU database. What is planned with the data, remains unclear.

2. Which driving licences need to be exchanged?

All of which were issued prior to the 19.1.2013.

3. My driver’s license is valid indefinitely. It stays that way?

no, that is tilted by the EU-centralization. “The Car and motorcycle classes will be limited in the new licence document to 15 years,” says the ADAC.

4. When should I exchange my license?

According to the previous draft regulations, there are two different deadlines-rules (see tables), each of which are staggered according to year of birth of the Licence holder.

driver’s licenses, up to and including 31. December 1998 issued source: ADAC conversion periods for driving licences were licences, from 1. January 1999 issued source: ADAC conversion periods for driver’s licenses 5. What is the exchange cost me?

The fee will be for each exchange 25 Euro. To cost for a passport photo. FOCUS Online: you escalated the dispute up to two meters long snake Invasion on the popular holiday island of ketchup: US giant Heinz Edeka is no longer supplied now can prevent cancer: self-test shows whether you have Vitamin D deficiency

6 suffering. What do I need for the rewrite?

The ADAC announces: “you need ID or passport, a biometric passport photo and the current driver’s license. The old (pink or gray) driver’s license has not been issued by the authority of your current residence, then you will also need a so-called index card a copy of the authority that issued the license originally.”

7. What happens if I do not return the driver’s license and get caught?

First of all, a cautionary in the amount of 10 euros.

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