Moerbeke-Waas, for The driver of a passenger vehicle, that is, Sunday night was struck in a crash on the E34 highway at Moerbeke-Waas.

The driver is lost in about 15.50 hrs and the control on the steering wheel of his car, which was about a kilometer to the exit of Moerbeke in the direction of Antwerp. The car popped up a few meters, down in the ditch next to the road in a few times to head to the store. The fire brigade and the medical services were rushed to the spot to the driver, an older man from the wreck, and to have fun. According to the initial findings, the officer was seriously wounded, but is not in danger of death. He was taken to the AZ Nikolaas in Sint-Niklaas.

the accident was a single lane in the direction of Antwerp and dropped off the needed traffic as a result. How (and why) in the car on the track, we, is at the moment unclear. The public prosecutor’s office of East-Flanders send a verkeersdeskundige on-the-spot.