9 hectares of land for the recreation center building Progress — abandoned area, to see that no Country from the street nor from the Dmitry Donskoy is almost impossible. Once here was full of life, and in the now empty and dilapidated shops of Novosibirsk instrument-making plant workers produced optical instruments, performing unfeasible production plan even in the years of the war. Today, the buildings of the property complex of the plant are reminiscent of its glorious past with rare signs with numbers of shops and sometimes obscure records in the inventory cards that are scattered around. These treasures are willing to dig children and adolescents — a former industrial zone attracts them here like a magnet. After a few years this place will not learn, because of the developer, who decided to transform an industrial zone on her giant plans. What the vanishing traces of the factory of the past can still be found here and what will soon become this seemingly neglected area, which at the time the developer has put more than 1.3 billion rubles, — in our photo report.