Doctors of Novosibirsk save a child with severe hemophilia A

Novosibirsk hematologists introduced into clinical practice a new approach to the treatment of a rare blood clotting disorder — hemophilia A. to help four-year-old child with severe inhibitory form of the disease, the doctors of the city hematological center used the innovative therapy, which is administered subcutaneously.

In hemophilia A a bleeding is a health risk, and in patients with inhibitory form of the disease, they can be observed up to several times a month. Of particular danger are spontaneous internal hemorrhage, when it affects vital organs and joints.

“It is very painful and fraught with serious complications. For example, because of hemarthrosis there is a risk of disability at an early age — said Tatyana Babaev, doctor-hematologist of the Hematology center at city clinical hospital No. 2. — The main task of the hematologist is to help the patient to prevent bleeding, to take the disease under control.”

This became possible thanks to the participation of the Ministry of health of the Novosibirsk region, which has allocated funds for the acquisition of innovative therapies. And from next year it will be available in the framework of high-cost nosologies Federal program of provision of medicines, which help get all patients with hemophilia in Russia.

“We thank the physicians and staff of the Ministry of health for the opportunity to provide a younger patient requires therapy in may 2020, seven months prior to inclusion in the Federal program. Thanks to the advent of modern technologies of treatment children who are born with hemophilia are able to avoid the terrible consequences of the disease, characteristic for previous generations of patients, — says Yury Zhulev, President, Russian society of hemophilia. But medication is only half the story. It is important that parents helped their children to maintain commitment to assigned treatment tduring the whole life. And then, developing and growing up, they will be able to live a full life and be productive members of society.”

In the Novosibirsk region there are 95 adults and 45 children with hemophilia, most of them are suffering from hemophilia A.

In hemophilia And in human blood is missing an important protein needed for normal blood clotting, called coagulation factor VIII. This results in uncontrolled or spontaneous bleeding, as in the case of minor injury patients have increased risk of intra-articular, intramuscular bleeding and bleeding in other vital organs.

the Lack of clotting factor VIII is filled with drugs that are injected intravenously. Depending on the severity of the disease, the drugs need to enter two or three times a week to three or four a day. In some cases, the patient develops an inhibitor to the administered drugs, with the result that they stop working effectively, and to stop the bleeding becomes much more difficult.

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