In ghent This summer and fell off after ten years with the lint-free cloth dry DOCK: a temporary filling on a large piece of land in the old harbour of Ghent, belgium. ‘Voluntary ‘Auctioneers’ sold Saturday morning, the furniture and decor, a unique meeting place.

Free to play house, and a sun canopy for up to 150 euros, or an old and stylish tour bus that no longer runs for 500 euros. It is a small part of the range of the original stuff you have on Saturday at the head, was able to tap it on the ground at the junction of the Afrikalaan, and the Koopvaardijlaan.

you may Also have the internet where tens of thousands of visitors from the DOCK, enjoy a movie, a concert, or enjoy a drink with friends turn out to be extremely popular. “They are, unfortunately, sadly, are all out the door,” and ” note: if’ You or a condom are a bargain hunter be disappointed. “But please feel free to have a peek at our offerings, and we have a lot of other things that you can lie down and rest.”