Do not pay in cash: more than half of the city's residents pay for heat and hot water remotely

During the period of isolation many of the city’s residents had to adjust to a new reality: wearing a mask in public transport, grocery deliveries, home, to pay for public services via websites and mobile applications. Even those who used to pay the bills at the offices of management companies that now use modern technology and do not stand in line.

According to the latest data, in February this year, the proportion of remote payments for heat and hot water was less than 47% of all payments, and by the end of April, heat and water through the sites and mobile apps have to pay more than half of Novosibirsk — 53,3%.

by the Way, most of the people take advantage of a versatile mobile application, through which you can pay several of services, such as “Sberbank Online” or “Platanthera”, “Rent”.

Read the full research SGK on how to change the sources of payments from individuals in Novosibirsk for the period of isolation and how to solve problems of payment of citizens who are unable to use the remote services.