Bicycle racing, Patrick Lefevere, is in the anticipation. The ultimate, important toptransfer for the year 2020. Sam, Now, then, anyway. After a long period of palaveren. “It would be a shame for that guy if he doesn’t go to his “dream team” can come up.”

the Boys yet, which is a soap opera. And to say that, Lefevere, and Now, in the run-up to the Tour already had a verbal agreement reached. It was only then I’m still waiting for the official signature of the month of August. A formality, nothing more. To the Men Thinking, team manager of the Bennetts team, Bora-Bath, and the Irishman pointed to a certain contractoptie the door and suddenly, before him, dichtsloeg. There was a bit of a mess, which the UCI would have to decide on the fate of the rider. Think, asked Lefevere to an ultimate ruildeal to: Now, for the heavy injury or recovering) Colombian Hodeg. Lefevere didn’t know what he was supposed to be. And thanks, it’s not really. “I’m not in the cattle market to the stock market.”