Centre is A French car driver that, on Saturday, a walk was taken after a heavy crash in Westouter (Heuvelland), is self-directed. For a family of four, off Centre was injured in the accident. For more information about the identity of the driver to follow at a later date on the same day.

Anything for up to 19 hours of the family rode in the Poperingestraat in the direction of Westouter. At the intersection of the Sint-Pieters, it was the car’s right side struck by a BMW with a French number plate. Due to the impact week, and the Seat is off to the left, and ended up with the vehicle a few metres further on, on a vacant piece of land. The fire department rushed to the spot, a 39-year-old Christelle-V. from the hit of their way to deliver. She fell for him. Her partner is behind the wheel, Carl D., and two sons of 9 and 14 years of age were lighter injuries, but all were with the ambulance to the hospital of the city of Ypres is being transmitted.