The Time-out, There is only one god, and in Argentina, and who answers to the name of Diego Armando Maradona. The ex-footballer is currently working as the coach of Gimnasia – came from opponents of Newell’s Old Boys as a throne to sit on.

You will be a football player of his at Gimnasia. In the Argentine first division to camp out in the basement of the standings, but ever since the arrival of Diego Maradona at the beginning of september always has been scored in terms of popularity. The 59-year-old football legend but his opponents have in their hands to behave. It is the same with Newell’s Old Boys.

All that is not, of course, out of the blue. Maradona was playing in the twilight of his career and one season for Newell’s Old Boys. Much more than the five games he didn’t, but that was for the fans and the club will not be forgotten. A large crowd of supporters of Newell’s Old Boys, came to the Outside of the day before the match to greet toezingen on his property.

The club itself was on the matchdag even take it a step further. Instead, from the Outside, a place in the trainersbank, and was Newell’s Old Boys, drinking, and a throne for the dug-out. So, was Maradona as the king of the players to follow his team’s instructions. An interesting detail: on top of the throne was that the word ‘Nice’ training.

the icing on the cake was the Outside of the entire race live from the comfort of his throne, and followed. The Argentines renamed it to happen, to prompt, to Diegocam. And in the game itself? Maradona’s team won, surprisingly, with a heavy-duty (0 to 4 numbers of the Old Boys. Gimnasia has it’s second win of the season to deal with. In addition, the team is now hekkensluiter off.