Lump, the question is which Bank has the cheapest value paper depot offers can not answer. The most important cost factor is the order of fees, which consist mostly of a basic fee and a percentage of the order volume. Even more complicated, different minimum and maximum amounts to make a comparison. In addition, there are surcharges for offline issued Orders in varying amounts, depending on which way the order was transmitted. Most banks do not charge any fees for Setting or Changing Limits, others can Change or Delete it but it costs 4,90 Euro.

Here it goes to the Depot-comparison (partner offer) Find the best account for your money plant

Completely cluttered, the fees will be thickets of the banks, by special tools such as a toll-free reference account with interest or the possibility of real-time prices obtain for free. New customers are also rewarded with discounts, for example, 20 free Trades or credits. Also there are again limitations. So the account must have under certain circumstances within a certain period of time several Thousands of euros volume.

How big are the cost differences for a custody account, shows a example: For a Deposit, on the six transactions in the year in the amount of 3000 euros, the cheapest supplier in the OTC trade 35,40 euros in fees. The investors are about the stock exchange, plus 30 euros exchange fee: power together 65,40 Euro. At the lower end of the accounts-a comparison of the Depot-Check 180 Euro transaction fees will be charged, in this case, 19,99 Euro Deposit fees and 4,20 Euro fee to the portfolio volume (at an average of 3000 euros) – for a total of 200 Euro. In the case of more active that allows trade, the difference for the account holder quickly adds up to several Hundred euros per year.

Our accounts comparison offers in the Quick-Check an Overview of the terms of 20 banks. In the Detail-Check the provider can also according to individual specifications such as the amount of the average order volume on the test.

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