On a late summer day, it goes up here in the home of Schroeder in Braunschweig. From the kitchen, murmurs and the hiss of cooking echoes pots. Four women dish to prepare Gambian delicacies.

Through the garden two children: Ida, 1 scurry, the day before he was learning to walk, and Malick, 4, who drowned on a Mini-Basketball, three times in a row in the basket. From speaker boxes, music blaring. On the lawn, Che, 29 covers, the table, he is the father of two.

On the evening of the birthday of the famous member of the Schröder family is to be celebrated. NBA Star Dennis is 25.

In white Sneakers and a pink training suit, strolling Germany’s best basketball player through the living room. Past the cardboard cutout that shows him in a life-size (1.88 m) and next to the Couch. “I’m a bit tired,” says Schroeder, is in the garden and can on a chair.

niece, Ida crawls on his lap. In the afternoon of the brown returned Schweiger with the plane from Tallinn, where he has been with the national team of Estonia defeated. The qualification for the 2019 world Championships in China, is now managed.

And for the leader of Schröder starts after an exciting summer with his new Team, Oklahoma City Thunder, the preparation for the new season in the NBA.

“We will not forget how we

grew up” this afternoon, one of his last free days before the flight to America, the son of a Gambierin for the WORLD ON SUNDAY, the doors. Schröder presents the people who are important to him and him to closely monitor. “What I have achieved, I owe to my mom, my two brothers and my two sisters,” he says. For all of the family is the most Important thing in life. “We will not forget how we grew up.”

There are critics who hold the only German NBA Star next to Dirk Nowitzki for a busybody. Because Schröder shows on Instagram, what he’s got: a Lamborghini, fancy watches, designer clothes for his own fashion brand “Flex gang”.

But this is only one side, the façade for the Public. But Dennis Schroeder is a young man who’s taking care of family and friends in Germany and the Gambia, and not just financially.

“I am immensely proud of Dennis,” says Mama Fatou Schröder and takes in the garden next to your son’s place. Sooner you will be operating a hair salon in the city, sometimes Dennis helped out there. She smiles as it comes to his Childhood. No, it had been with him, never.

In the school, Schroeder was regarded as the “enfant terrible”, as the cross-head. Probably he was not in the classroom, but in the Brunswick, Prince Park, his second living room. “Seven years, Dennis is on the Skateboard ten stairs jumped with a Kickflip down. Because you’re as big brother and ask yourself how this goes,“ said Che, laughing.

Like the death of the father, Schröder

changed Initial with eleven began Schröder to play in the Park Basketball. When he was 13 years old, his father died after a cardiac arrest. Him, Schröder had given the promise to make it in the NBA.

The death of the father have not only changed him, says Dennis Schröder. The entire family was brought together. The money was for the basketball promotion time just, helped the brother and sisters with their savings. Today, Che, the big brother, Schroeder’s Manager.

Also well-Known from the environment of the family working for the professional basketball player who deserves to be his NBA contract until 2021, the equivalent of about 60 million euros. Several times in the year, the family visited him in the United States, usually at Christmas and during Play-off time.

He was not feeling particularly well, if his Loved ones are with him, says Schröder: “Just because I bring the money home, it does not mean that I would be better than my brother or something. We are all equal, we are all one. This is our success.“

Behind Schröder a long summer. Because he had missed with the Atlanta Hawks in the Play-off, was the end of the season for him already in may. After a great career decision was made: The 25-Year-old announced his move to Oklahoma City Thunder.

There is intended for Schröder first of all, a different role, not the leader like in Atlanta, but is expected to be the Back-ups for Superstar Russell Westbrook. Schroeder takes a step back to something with a stronger Team again play in the top League.

In recent months, Schröder prepared with private coaches in Washington and Braunschweig on the NBA season, which begins in mid-October. In between, he traveled with the national team through Europe. With friends, he won in September in addition, the German street ball championship in the new Olympic 3-on-3 Format.

It’s dawn, on the garden table, the schröder gradually, the plate with the Gambian delicacies heap. The first friends of the basketball player have already arrived at the bivouac, time to celebrate. “Braunschweig”, says Schröder, “will always remain home for me.”

Here, Dennis Schröder puts his family members in front of

Fatou the Boss is:

“is My mom we call all only ,Agi’.” So it will be called in their home country of the Gambia, the protector and head of the family. She always has the last word. Their education was great, even if it had never been easy with me.

I’ve always been a rebel, constantly on the road, came back at midnight. I was just always different than the others. At some point mom has to be understood. When I was playing for Braunschweig in the Bundesliga, they insisted that I made my school. This was important to me.

Today, she is proud of me. Slowly she understands correctly what of Basketball. Sometimes she gives me to Play tips, what I should change.“

Che is my Manager

“My big brother was like a second dad for me. He has always looked out for me, me, everywhere. When I was a kid, he has taken care of what I care about today: family, work hard, earn the money.

Early in the Morning he went to work, late in the evening he came back again. Today, Che is the one who is closest to me. We talk every day. Everything that is present in Germany, for me, fixes it. In 2015, he gave up his Job at VW to be able to work for me.

Since I was able to offer him a small Upgrade (laughs). I didn’t want anyone to adjust, I know. It should stay in the family, and it is a good thing.“

Awa is my supporter

“My big sister has played for in my career a very important role. As a teenager, I played in the state of lower Saxony selection. At that time it was constantly at the weekend to Berlin, Osnabrück and other cities. The money we had to lay even on the table.

My mother was a hairdresser. Eventually, they could no longer pay the. Then my sister and my brother have paid the money for the training camps. That was incredible. Today, I can give you back a lot. A few days ago I gave her a red Porsche, your dream car.“

Malick is a Talented

“Malick is my nephew. He can be the next Dennis Schröder. That is so awesome. He began as a Year of throwing balls. Today, he hits almost every litter on our basket in the garden. We will promote his career, of course, if this goes on. But you need to more on the brakes.

He looks at almost every game of mine in television, most recently for the national team. I have long wanted to be no basketball player, first eleven, I started correctly. Malick plays now. He can be a Great one.“

Mariam is a Tramp

“My little sister reminds me of me a bit earlier: she is outside a lot, always on the go, comes home late. This is the new Generation, which are otherwise raised. I was always been different (laughs), that’s what counts. If I’m visiting in Brunswick, I will pick it up sometimes from school. Because she is very excited. She is a good girl.“

Borry is the Casual

“He is a gechillter guy, rather quiet. With his friends he plays with us often on the Playstation, so I Fortnite as a child – “a”, “Dragonball Z” and so on. He goes to school here in Braunschweig, I went earlier. I still have a lot of contact.

my favorite teacher was a few years ago, in retirement, I came to the Farewell and held a speech. She was one of the few people that have always believed in me. Also, you never had it easy with me. Almost every week I had to previously to the rector, because I was always so jittery.“

Sainabou is the Smart one

“I used to watch a lot on my niece, since she was so like Malick is now. The was able to lubricate with three-four years, their own bread, that was crazy. Sainabou is a very smart and independent girl.“

Ami is the super mom

“When I see how Ami and Che educate the two children, then I think to myself: Perfect. I have never seen a cuter Baby than Ida. She is always Laughing. I always say that your children are like my own children. “

Che and Ida

“The babies are just cute.”