The death of his mother has made Udo Lindenberg (72, “MTV Unplugged”), as he tells in “Udo” (Kiepenheuer&Witsch). The book of Udo Lindenberg and Thomas Hüetlin has just been published. “A life of darkness surrounded the Udo, and not even the lights and the energy of Manhattan, managed to dispel the gloom. 'I was very attached to my mother,' said Udo later. 'It was an extreme, extreme grief.'”

In January 1979, the “Dröhnland Symphony”, which had brought the musicians with Peter Zadek on the stage, celebrated with great interest to the Public Premiere. To celebrate was not expected of him but, at his mother’s brain tumor had been diagnosed and she was getting worse, while Lindenberg had a long Tour ahead of you, it says in the biography of this time. “As a Udo then of Hermione’s death, learned, drank, he really going on.” So bad and senseless that the tour for six weeks had to be stopped.

Lindenberg: "I thought, I scratch, so I can jump to"

and Then had fled Lindenberg to New York. One Morning, he stood on the window sill of his Suite pants. “The sadness, the Stress, the shame, and is now to be a very ordinary boozer that looks like any severe alcoholic white mice, gnawed at his will to live. He no longer wanted. 'I thought, I scratch, so I can jump to the' said Udo later. Only Hermione would have eventually had something about it. 'take care of yourself and be a good Boy.' Udo climbed down from the window sill of the Waldorf. Jump went. He couldn’t do that to Hermione.“

“Udo” wrote Thomas Hüetlin about the UPS and Downs in the life of the man from Gronau “with just passing the Middle entrance and a broken waiter doctrine”, who had risen in just two years, “the only Jazz insiders well-known drummer for the first really important German rock star”. And the people cheering even today. “You may have managed it, with the Drinking to stop, because it became clear that this Affection is also a reward for the good work You’ve done in the last few years”, – stated in the “Udo”. “Plus, the hope is that it goes on for years.”

The book of Thomas Hüetlin, the on 4. October is available and is based on Udo Lindenberg’s memories, on the Reports of the companions and members of the panic orchestra. It’s supposed to be “a gift to all the Fans”, “a unique document of contemporary history and a fast-paced Ride through seven decades of the FRG, with numerous illustrations by the master himself”.

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“Udo” Udo Lindenberg and Thomas Hüetlin here you will find