Abroad, The Public Prosecutor’s office in Morocco has recourse to the death penalty, “by execution” is requested for the four men who were involved in the gruesome murder of two Scandinavian toeristes at the end of last year in the high Atlas mountains. Three out of the four that were in the first instance, been convicted and sentenced to the death penalty, and the fourth came from a life in prison.

Norwegian Maren Ueland (28), and the Danish and Louisa Jespersen (24) it was in december of last year, on a hike, and when their murderers, and against the web of the future. The girls had their own tent set up in a remote area, two hours from tourist Hostel, and didn’t stand a chance. One of them was in the throat, you’re in, the other was beheaded.

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One of the killers took the images of the horrific execution, and to put it online. They held on to our brothers and sisters from Syria” and vowed, in a second film, true to the terror group, IS. That last one was a touch, however, never been on it.

Four suspects were quickly identified. Abdessamad Ejjoud (25), Younes Ouziyad (27) and the Smoke Afatti (33) is received in July and the death penalty for the murders, Abderrahmane Al Khayali (33), and are there just for the horror of the disappearing lifetime. The death penalty in Morocco, however, carried out in 1993. (read on below)