Cycling is Kevin De Weert’s just stay up for the Lotto-Soudal’s work. The former Dutch national team coach was in the Belgium squad for the remainder of the Tour of Spain, which suspended after the incident in the first time of the Tour and then the Vuelta a españa, but the suspension is lifted. The city of Weert’s been talking the last few weeks, several times, with CEO John Lelangue and the co-sponsors of the team also argued that The city of Weert on-board was to be held. His role on the team will have to be more specific. “He is going to have to focus more on the performance and area”, says managing director, John Lelangue.

‘t Was a bolt from the blue, at the end of the month of August. When it hit the news that Kevin De Weert is provisionally suspended by the Lotto-Soudal. The last drop that made the cup did overflow, it was an accident in the opening stage of the Tour of Spain. And earlier, it was during the Tour de France up until the event came to be. “What has happened, it is not considered to be professional,” said The city of Weert, in a first reaction after his suspension (see video below). “But I don’t think anyone needs to know of the incident for eight months of frustration have gone.”

Already seem to have the wrinkles have been mostly ironed out. The Repels had been the past few weeks, a few good conversations with John Lelangue, the chief executive officer of team Lotto-Soudal. And also to all the sponsors were doing their part. They called for co-operation with The city of Weert to continue, and the question gets a hearing.

“I had indicated that I would be going into the rooms with The Repels to make it easy to talk about and that is what has happened,” explained Lelangue out. “We have taken the time to talk about the incident, the position of The city of Weert, but also on the structure that I have in my head for the next few years. The restructuring will allow us to be more efficient, and more ambitious, too. I’m just at the end of november 2018, when the team came to be. In the process of a team, you won’t be doing one, two, three.”

the Performance of a Manager less team

What is the reason for the suspension of The city of Weert, by Lelangue is part of the “internal kitchen” of the team Lotto-Soudal. “Here, let me say that, in the meantime, everything has been resolved. There were many conversations between us, and it was concluded that, together, we will still have a future. The subject matter was, of course, ‘the incident’, but it is also how we have spent some time in a future we had.”

“On a professional level, I can De Weert’s nothing to be ashamed of either. I’ve seen this year, many who worked with him, and at the performance level, he and the team are really nice people. As a result, he was also in our team and he will be at the head of one of the real performance of the department. This is not to say that he was not at the races, but that will be more specific to, for example, time trials. Except for The city of Weert, there are the sports directors, and all report to me. That is, it is about the way in which I was working with my previous teams, which, for example, with Allan Peiper, and Marco Pinotti, who is also the real performance of managers in business.

with The following command in The Weert, the netherlands is already established. He will be the Victor Campenaerts, which is also supported by the project to set the world hour record, and It is Of the Nut to the tea and coffee are also world cup time trials to prepare for it.