“should have been More Leaks than in the West Wing,” one of the first smug comments: A new Dating App for followers of the US President, Donald Trump is the beginning of a major data breach affected. Due to a security issue, the entire user would have can be downloaded from the database of the single market DonaldDaters, reported: “TechCrunch”.

name, profile photos and, apparently, private messages, and access tokens, which are similar to digital keys, and with which Foreign control over a user’s account could apply to be Affected. The platform had on the first day, a little more than 1600 users.

The vulnerability has been made therefore by a French expert. The authenticity of the data has been already confirmed by “Motherboard”,-journalists. The do not exclude, however, that DonaldDaters is a trap that the Republicans expose. The Dating functions were dysfunctional, the App is full of spelling errors.

The alleged founder Emily Moreno, a former assistant to Republican Senator Marco Rubio, has not yet responded to media inquiries, only Fox News had available for the Start of the App there is a Statement from her.

The platform should be “open to everyone”

DonaldDaters according to the company, to conservative Singles and Trump supporters. The Slogan: “Make America Date Again”, a modification of trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again” (Make America great again).

Fox News had written shortly after the Start, DonaldDaters allow users “to block any liberal, the a move on you” and the platform is “open to everyone”. At least the Latter was confirmed on the first day.