An ominous picture of a couple with masks on is spreading like wildfire all over the internet. In the state of California, to take place at this time, massive forest fires, but that, from newlyweds Katie and Curtis, Ferland came from a vineyard a little further away in the picture, including surgical masks.

Katie and Curtis had the most wonderful day of their life, to be held at the vineyard in the wine country Sanoma. The party was a year ago, is on the agenda. However, due to the intense fires in the region, which is already more than 30,000 acres in the ashes more than a hundred buildings destroyed, and 185,000 forced to evacuate, they were terrified that their dream wedding in a smoke filled room would be.

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the quality of The air in the vicinity of the wedding location, and it was, after all, is so very harmful to many of the festivities inside, which had to be moved. But the wedding went on, and after a long struggle, in. “The night before I had to do the whole event is once again shaping up,” said wedding planner Sarah Sugrue, against the local media. They decided to have the ceremony, and the wedding is outside, to make it happen.

as The day went by in spite of all the perils of the rollers, and as the lovers had to shoot in a vineyard in the vicinity of the fire, they thought that they are just as good and protective masks on their faces, were able to do so. “I had to have my wife get it to do it,” said Curtis, Ferland, on NBC Bay Area. “They thought it was in poor taste, it would happen to you.”
in Joy and sorrow

“I just looked at them and thought, ” this is the new standard in wine country in October?”, zeibruidsfotograaf Karma Roategen to the BBC. , The picture makes her think of the schilderijAmerican Gothicuit the 1930s.

The wedding photographer called the wedding a great success, but it also spoke of an unforgettable experience. “The joy of conquering it, it was a beautiful wedding. We were all caught up in the dichotomy of joy and sorrow.” They are hoping that the picture is a symbol that can stand up to the suffering in the region. “As a result, the financial crisis and the destruction that is going on here, to better understand it. There are people out there who are still a great life to have, and it happens in the middle of a firestorm”


The most violent love California for a couple of days of the living. Thousands of people have already been evacuated to escape the fire that was still happening in the western part of Los Angeles, california. NBA legend, LeBron James and other celebrities, such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, had a house and a fire exit.

According to U.s. media, took James to get some personal items out of the house, in Nashville: his passport and a credit card. He would like to thank all emergency responders for their efforts to fight the fire. Just as James is also a Judge, a safe place is found. Rather, it was the opening night of Schwarzeneggers movie Terminator: the Dark Race is canceled due to the fires.