At the Dutch airport, Schiphol, is tonight’s great to raise the alarm after a first-in-command of an aircraft on a per accident kapingsalarm turned on. As a result, the emergency services will be alerted, and it was a part of the airport shut down. The Spanish carrier Air Europe, apologizes for the inconvenience caused. “There is nothing happening. Sorry to say, very much so.” All of the flights due to the incident, however, has been delayed.

The Royal Marechaussee (military police) at the beginning of the evening, the report of a suspicious situation on board of an aircraft that is in the direction of Madrid and would be leaving. There were about twenty passengers on board who are temporarily not on the floor. More than one and one-half hours after the alert, they were, and the crew members are safely out of the unit to be achieved.

“a False alarm. On the flight to Amsterdam, to Madrid, this afternoon, by accident, a warning will activate it in a hallway, move around in the blind, at the airport, says in a tweet. The passengers will be able to in the course of the evening, to leave.

Sources within the security services, leaving it to our colleagues in the AD to know that the police report received was of an unlawful seizure. Finally, it is not a question of have been. All the indications are that the pilot is in a (probably costly) mistake committed.

William Schmid, chair of the Association of Dutch commercial pilots (CNS), it is stated, according to the public broadcaster, NOS, that is, there is something wrong with the transmission, a four-digit code that the pilot had to pass it on.

According to The Telegraph wanted to be the pilot in command of an intern trying to explain what all the codes mean. Then you’d accidentally press the ‘send’button is pressed to his.

“It depends from one company to another,” says luchtvaartexpert Luc Wanted to do. “For some, there is an alarm button in the cockpit that the pilot’s and the crew used to be.”

as a result, a GRIP 3, upon an emergency situation in which there is a case of (threatening) social unrest.A zwaarbewapend special to the message immediately, on the spot. Two trauma helicopters were called in, but that turned out not to be necessary.

a number of the gates have been closed, and passengers were being kept at a distance. There were a lot of sirens are heard and lights seen on the road in the direction of the airport. Ironically, it was at the same time, no panic in sight for the travelers.

Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte in the netherlands had meant that any moment he could be called away from a onderwijsdebat in the Czech republic. “There’s something going on at the Airport, we have to find out what exactly is in the. I have, let me (us) informed. Now it’s just multi-tasking.”