History 31/01/20 “Crucified a canadian officer and a disgraced nun”: how the British invented “fake news”

it’s No secret that one of the important instruments of war is propaganda. Thousands of leaflets that showered each other the warring parties during the First and Second world wars, the glorification of his victories and an outright exaggeration of losses of the enemies, the stories of inhuman cruelty (albeit having under itself a certain basis) of the enemy – all these methods were actively used during all conflicts of the twentieth century. But the level of true art fakes built them, perhaps, the British.

“Torture of a canadian officer” – under such name in may 1915 there was an article in The Times, talks about the battle at Ypres. More precisely, one case, which allegedly took place in the course of the battle. Subsequently he was many times “suck” the British media and has gained a lot of details (sometimes quite absurd and implausible).

According to the article, during the Ypres battle, the German cavalry had captured an officer and two soldiers of the Canadian corps. During the ensuing torture of the prisoners that was crucified on the tree, or on the fence of the Church, just as it did with Jesus and the robbers in the biblical tradition. Witnesses of the incident were allegedly soldiers of the Royal Dublin regiment.

the speech of the Newspapers had a huge impact and after a few days was discussed in the House of Commons. Its effect the case has overshadowed the news about peoplenow a few days before this “Lusitania” with 1200 dead passengers. The British government immediately took the story of the crucified on the arms, and even vyyasnitsya after some time, the fact that it’s just fake, absolutely no bother.

“Torture of a canadian officer” reprinted by the British media in a variety of variations and interpretations. Thus the British tried to convince its soldiers that they conduct a fair fight against the monsters, and draw into the war on the United States. And so in 1915 the history allegedly took place in front of the atrocities Germany was worsening.

Often told that the German soldiers used captured women and children as human shields, although no official evidence of such cases in the fronts of the First world no. But the cases of looting and rapes took place — however, British Newspapers have consistently presented as victims of the innocent nuns. And the top of the fake stories were the stories that in Germany, the corpses of soldiers and prisoners of war are processed into food for pigs.

based On the story of the crucified canadian officer in 1918, the British sculptor Francis Derwent wood created a monument “the Canadian Calvary.” The work was exhibited in London, but the German side made a demand or remove the monument or provide convincing evidence of the episode. Soon, the monument was dismantled.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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