Royalty-free Big, party at the palace. Her Royal Highness Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant, is now 18 years of age.An additional important anniversary, because it will allow them, according to the constitution the head of state will be. The “real woman” like her father shortly after birth, is affectionately called, is now officially a woman now.Our troonopvolgster you want to be in the spotlight, not actually use it: the celebrations at the royal palace in Brussels, today, broadcast live on tv, and

all The members of the royal family, and politicians of various persuasions, but also the eighty young people who were born in 2001 will be the party to attend. The program includes the performances of the spot, that is, our country is represented at the Eurovision song contest in 2017, and of the end of the Queen’s Elisabethwedstrijd.De the future queen of the Belgians, had been a special present for her eighteenth birthday party, an official stamp will be made on the basis of a photograph of her father, king Philippe, has created.

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