John Crombez, and asked whether the N-VA in the federal government’s action. “If that is not the case, then they should say so, and there may be other things to be looked at,” said the sp.a chair in The Morning. In itself, it suggests Crombez is a interimregering a reflection of the regional coalitions. According to N-VA vice-chairman Lorin Parys is a belgian compromise is still possible, if the PS is willing to be either a socio-economic change of course or meet a want to meet the institutional requirements of the N-VA.

“The time is up,” sighs Crombez. “In fact, you’d have to tell them, hook them up to a hands-on, in Poupehan, and get rid of it.”

Crombez it bothers you just a little to the perception of war for PS and N-VA is now fully run in. He wants to make sure that both parties made wine for them. “I am the beginning of me doing so, is to ask: “does the N-VA will not decide to not be in the government to get involved? Their goal is to be a federal-to-block, and to the country to be split up? The N-VA says that it is confederalisme it should be. This is not the attitude of a party that has come up with a solution to the government.”

However, if the N-VA or internally, such a decision would be taken, then it has to come out. “Then there are other things to be looked at.”

A black-green government, then, is a possible alternative. But it is also a interimregering, a reflection of the regional governments (PS-MR-Ecolo, along the Walloon side, and the N-VA, CD&V and Open Vld, along the Flemish side of the road), it is a possibility. Crombez mention that, even for the most reasonable line”. “So, do you put more weight on the regions’, which sounds like it is. However, the difficulty there is that the Ecological is not at the table, with the N-VA. And, it seems, with each and every scenario is going to be an issue.