Cook the meat with fragrant smoke, divine pizza and even dessert: found unique grills that can cook everything

You are tired of barbecue? Admit it, because summer came this year earlier than usual. And the mode of self-isolation and forced to sit at the cottage, the house or apartment, and you are already tired of all the food delivery in the city. You made all kinds of variations of kebabs. You have a chance to prepare those dishes that you only tried in restaurants or seen in American films, with the help of Weber grills.

Pizza? Smoked fish? Steaks? Brisket? Chicken Lollipop? Chocolate fondant? You could only order at the restaurant, but they closed and now I can make all these yourself. Grills will fulfill all your gastropatii.

Weber Grill, which was invented in 1952, in the USA and still is No. 1 in the world, finally reached Siberia. He will save your food from rain and snow, because there is a cover! In addition, it retains the juiciness and flavor, as the grill warms up more, the heat affects the dish from all sides simultaneously. The grill works on the principle of convection as oven, evaporated juices circulate and create a unique taste and juiciness. That is why the grill can not only cook, but also bake, simmer and smoke.