The U.S. justice Department has filed charges against the Chinese network equipment supplier Huawei, as well as several of his daughters. Overall, it was a matter of 13 charges and nearly two dozen individual allegations, it said in the message of the Ministry. The group is accused, therefore, among other things, to have secrets from T-Mobile illegally appropriated – it was a test robot for mobile phones. In addition, the company banks and the US should have cheated-authorities. Even the suspicion of industrial espionage standing in the room.

Huawei is the world’s largest manufacturer of network technology. Western intelligence services, under the leadership of the United States accuse the Chinese group and the smaller provider, ZTE, to maintain Connections to the government in Beijing. FBI chief Christopher Wray said the United States would have to carefully consider how risky it was to allow companies like Huawei access to American infrastructure.

The U.S. government is trying to American companies to prevent network equipment from Huawei. Security experts fear that the devices from China could be used for spying. Huawei had rejected the spying allegations in the past, vehemently.

United States request for extradition of Huawei Manager from Canada

U.S. attorney Matthew Whitaker said on Monday that the government officially announced the delivery of an Meng Wanzhou history: The Huawei Manager had been taken at the beginning of December, on the initiative of the USA in Canada. The investigators accuse her of, among other things, to have a company called Skycom technical devices to Iran, sold. Thus, you have violated the Sanction laws.

Meng is now out on bail, the process for their extradition to the USA but still. In the case of a conviction, the 46-Year-old decades in prison. Beijing was outraged reacts to the arrest of the Huawei Manager – the Chinese foreign Ministry threatened retaliation.

comment on the subject of Huawei-conflict, China’s ruthless revenge

USA: No connection with the negotiations on the trade conflict

US trade Minister Wilbur Ross stressed that the charges are in no way associated with the negotiations between China and the United States on the Trade dispute. On Wednesday and Thursday, the U.S. is expected-according to an official Delegation from China for a series of Meetings in Washington, then the trade should be continued conversations. He expects “significant progress”, said US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. President Donald Trump had already stated at the beginning of the year, the trade talks with Beijing were “very good”.

Both countries has been going on for months in a bitter trade dispute. The US has imposed special duties on Goods from China worth more than 250 billion euros. China has responded with retaliatory tariffs.

at the beginning of December had Trump and China’s leader Xi Jinping on a 90-day “peace time” to 1. March agreed. At the beginning of January, a US had traveled Delegation to trade talks to China. Now is the continuation in the U.S. capital.

Some of both sides now is not a compromise in the trade dispute in the USA for the 2. In March a further increase announced to their duties on a whole range of Chinese Goods. Thus the dispute, the beats is already on the world economy would escalate further.