Tom and Jerry are ready for a new cat – and-mouse adventure. As the trade journal “Variety” reported that plans to Warner Bros. in collaboration with his animation Studio WAG a “live-action/animated hybrid” the comic hero, i.e., a mixture of Real and animated film. The Studio with Tim Story in talks to direct.

The “Ride Along”Director Story filmed two episodes of the Marvel Comic series “the Fantastic Four”. In the summer of next year, a remake of “Shaft” with Samuel L. Jackson and T. Usher will come into the cinemas.

Tom and Jerry in 1940 by the animation William Hanna and Joseph Barbera pioneers brought in short Movies to life. Seven of the episodes, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer produced, were awarded in the years between 1943 and 1953 with the Oscar. The wonderfully stupid Tom the cat and the clever mouse Jerry, is considered as an integral part of pop culture. In 1992, the animated film “Tom & Jerry” came into the cinemas.

In Germany, the series ran for the first time in 1976 in the ZDF and, later, on ProSieben, Udo Jürgens, the title song “thanks for the flowers contributed”. Until today, the short film can be seen again and again on different channels.