Style, elegance and comfort can go hand in hand, if it is pop star Selena Gomez’s (27) depends on it, because it was this week in a pair of pyjamas were spotted at a dinner party to go to in New York city. Myself don’t feel like you’re in an uncomfortable outfit to pick up, but you don’t look like you’re sleep walking? We’ll give you a few tips for you. Footwear

You can easily take it to the outside world, to make it clear that you will not get out of the bed and rolled up by the heels, to wear with the pyjama look. Especially in the evening, that works well. Though sneakers or loafers it’s something nonchalanter and hip. Both of them are an option you want to look at, so it would be no matter where you are, you are the most comfortable to play with.

Silk works better than cotton, it looks luxurious and elegant. It is even more so. Do you not have the budget for it, there are plenty of alternatives (read: fake silk available on the market. As far as colour is to black-is safe and always good, and white is striking and the prints are in fashion forward .
Make-up & jewellery

You don’t need to overdo it with the make-up and jewelry, but with a little extra effort will help with the look. Selena Gomez chose to, for example, a bright red nail Polish, badly-formed eye and a neutral face.