His threats he uttered in Arabic. The hostage-taker from Cologne Central station, left no doubt as to his intentions. Apparently, he wanted to put a beacon. First of all, the man, whose identity the police did not disclose the late afternoon to set, the shoes and legs of a 14-year-old girl with a Molotov Cocktail into a McDonald's Restaurant fire. Then, the sprinklers triggered system of the restaurant, the police announced on Monday evening at a press conference.

Then, the perpetrators had fled, presumably with a firearm in Hand, into the opposite the pharmacy, where he barricaded himself with a female hostage in the back rooms. At the woman the offender was fastened, according to police, several Camping gas canisters. In the premises, the police found a residence title from the city of Cologne, on a known to police 55-year-old Syrians is issued. Whether the offender is the owner of the document has not yet been finally clarified, according to police. The holder of the residence title is to be for 2016 is relatively extensive due to various offences, such as theft and threat is known.

hostage-takers in Cologne demanded suitcase and travel bag

How to FOCUS Online-safety circles learned, is said to have threatened the Kidnapper shortly before 13 o’clock at the contact with the police, the woman is on fire, should approach the police. Furthermore, he is said to have posed as a sympathizer of "Daesh". "Daesh" is a Synonym for terrorist-militia "Islamic state" (IS) in Syria and Iraq.

The Cologne-based hostage-taker is said to have demanded, according to police. He also requires a suitcase and a travel bag, said the senior police Director Klaus ruffles Schmidt on Monday in Cologne. Suitcase and bag he had left earlier, in the cafe of a fast food, in the he an accelerant was ignited. In addition, the man had demanded the release of a Tunisian. Further Details are not known.

the hostage-taking Was an act of terrorism, or the act of a Wirrkopfes?

in view of the threatening situation of the hostage, stormed a special task force of the police against 15 at the pharmacy. As the "reported, the Informer", had kept the hostage-taker to the petrol übergossenen victims already a phial lighter on the head. Two detonations were the result of stun grenades, a squad of heavily armed forces broke into the object. After a few minutes the Operation was finished. The hostage-taker was wounded, dangerous to life, his victim got away with minor injuries.

it is Still unclear whether it is a motivated act of terrorism is an Islamist or the fact of a Wirrkopfes, acting allegedly in the name of the IS want to have.

perpetrator barricaded himself for two hours with a woman: the taking of hostages defines Cologne’s main railway station lame FOCUS Online/Wochit/nonstop news offender barricaded himself for two hours with a woman: the taking of hostages defines Cologne’s main railway station lame