Club Brugge is The time of shivering and trembling at the movement’s past. Where you at the country Club in these days of strikes, it leaves them with a win. Six-in-a-row. it doesn’t even try.

one of a coach, the other doesn’t.

Hein Vanhaezebrouck was in its glory days, when AA Gent will be the perfect choice for you is a mental game – he’s taking all of like the upcoming opponent. Ivan Leko stressed over again every week: “We are a Club in Bruges”. Philippe Clement… which is enhanced, preferably, on all of the items.

this Past Tuesday, still with a straight face, Westkappele: “I expect Zulte Waregem to play-off 1 play. I consider them a huge high.” At the Gaverbeek after one of Francky D all of his career, in search of recognition – the instant when you hear so many great things.

all The reality of sounds, however, is not so nice. You can hear us, is not claiming that Zulte Waregem is in april, ” the play-offs 1, play – through more hassle of Anderlecht and of the inconstancy of Genk should have a grasp middenmoters dream , but at this level it is still highly surprising.