A tip as a thank you? This is always a balancing act between recognition and insult, says Winfried Speitkamp, historian and President of the Bauhaus-University in Weimar, Germany. To give money, always a little Condescending. He has in his book “The Rest is for you!” with the history of the Tip.

Important is the Intention with which you give the Christmas money is therefore: It should be an honest thank you. Speitkamp, therefore, the only Christmas money, if he was satisfied with the work. For example, for the paper girl, right, the, the daily newspaper in any weather and early in the morning in front of the door. The newspaper would, however, change later on, not even a thank you.

for good performance to say thank you, on the other hand is arrogant. The endeavor to convey the attitude: I’ll pay for the newspaper, so it can also expect that it is on time every day before Breakfast in front of the door.

But who wants to say thank you, still faces the question: What can I give, what should it be worth and what the recipient? Here you will find answers to the important questions.

How high is the Christmas drink should be money?

gifts worth up to ten euros, according to Nick Lin-Hi, Professor of Economics and ethics at the University of Vechta is usually appropriate. He said he was guided on his own contract of employment, according to the he “low-value” up to that value is allowed to accept.

Winfried Speitkamp, however, says, in determining its own income play a role. Who has much, may even give more. However, one must be careful that it is acting snooty.

money or in-kind gift, how can I make the selection?

That depends on the respective occupation. “For a Newspaper delivery employee, the must with the gift to other doors, would be the bottles of wine is inappropriate,” says Speitkamp. Cookies he finds in the small merit, however, is offensive. He advises to gift of Money. Otherwise in the physician assistant: would probably be touched by a Five-Euro note embarrassing. A box of chocolates in the same value appreciation showed.

business ethics Lin-Hi, advises, by contrast, presents in General, to Property. “If I invest time in the gift, expresses the appreciation.” The best homemade, such as Christmas cookies to be. Lin-Hi gives only if the work is positively stuck in my mind – and says it is up to the service providers: “even more Important than the gift, the words and the attitude in the Delivery.”

In the case of in-kind gifts the Chance is also greater that the employee may keep the gift.

Who can accept gifts and who is not?

Ten Euro for the street sweeper: What might be meant by them are cute, can your prepare To work legal problems. Employees must not bribe or favors to pay. Therefore, gifts of Money are in many companies it is taboo even in the case of the city cleaning. It could look like after bribery: Who doesn’t wish, finally, that in the case of snow and ice in front of the own door First cleared?

A General rule, who must accept, is not there. Commercial rules of the self and the values can differ even within an industry. For example, employees of the Berlin city cleaning may take up to five euros in cash or in-kind gifts with a value of up to 10 euros. In the case of waste management in Munich money are prohibited gifts to city employees on the other hand, vouchers and gifts may be up to 25 Euro tax.

Also, the cleaning staff and the delivery providers, the letter of the employer in different ways. At best, you simply ask, says Lin-Hi, and provides a possible formulation: “I would like to thank you for your great work and give them a little attention. You may not accept gifts?”

public officials such as judges and notaries must answer no to this question. As well as employees of the public administration, of which no grants are allowed to receive – that the criminal code governs. Even a Cup of coffee or a cheap ballpoint pen are taboo.

teachers are, in turn, bound to an upper limit – this applies even if the students give you a parting gift, as a teacher in Berlin had to know.

cleaning staff do not get money, the package deliverer earn a lot. Solidarity is also a reason to pay a Christmas bonus?

Both experts warn that you can catch with the gift of Christmas money no precarious employment conditions. Speitkamp in this context, the aspect of appreciation: “If you give people with a low income Christmas money, give you at least that you acknowledge the Problem.”

business ethics Lin-Hi, however, says, he has no criterion for a case, why would he select according to the amount of the remuneration structure, the thank you. Who wants to go to the Problem of precarious employment, to participate in the social debate, as a Consumer vote with their feet or letters to the companies in writing. For this reason, Christmas money, was the sale of indulgences.

The Union ver.di says: “the work of The deliverer to appreciate, is a nice gesture. For a proper payment according to the Collective agreement, the employer is responsible and not the customer.”

Has changed the gift of the Christmas money?

Christmas money for a service provider, was formerly much more widespread, says historian Winfried Speitkamp. Often it was even expected. He still remembers the garbage men, the ringing in his youth, as a matter of course at the door to wish a merry Christmas and gifts to be lubricated. Today, the employees of the city cleaning is prohibited in the rule, the custom is dying out slowly.

more Important than the prohibitions, however, is that the service occupations have changed. The milk bottles are no longer made in front of the door, the coals in the cellar delivered. “Today, we just come less in contact with the people,” says Speitkamp.