Science tells us that The Chinese private sector ruimtevaartontwikkelaar of the i-Space, according to the American SpaceX on Teslabaas Elon Musk, is a reusable rocket, will be presented. The form of the Hyperbola-2 last week at a technology fair in the world. The rocket will be in 2021, for the first time, will be launched.

in The Hyperbola-2 will make use of a mixture of liquid oxygen and methane, as a fuel, as well as in the Raptor engine, which SpaceX is working on for the space Ship. Traditional rocket motors use a combination of liquid oxygen and hydrogen, or liquid oxygen and kerosene.

The rocket, the successor of the Hyperbola-1, which was designed by the Beijing-based developer of the i-Space. In the first stage of the rocket can be reused, the cost of production of the vehicle, which has a 70 per cent reduction these are the words of the head of technology, and Dong Yanmin.

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With the development of the Hyperbola-2 to fill China’s gap in the space program. The country has not seen a re-usable rockets, and a growing demand for small-and medium-sized lanceeropties for the satellites, according to Dong. The rocket should be inexpensive and reliable.

first on the model of the Hyperbola-2, it was the last week for all to see on the techbeurs Zhongguancun Forum, 2019, in the Chinese capital. The 28-metre-long missile, with a lanceergewicht the 90-tonne commercial loads up to a weight of 1900 kg in a low orbit will bring.