The music is The choir of Kids For Kids, this autumn, 40 years of age. So that’s when they have no fewer than four big shows in the Rotterdam Ahoy’.

And the performances are happening tonight instead. The group has for many years been well-known, and songs such as ‘On An Island’ and ‘Strange But True’, both young and old, love it. For those who don’t have a ticket, could get: don’t worry, the result sends everything out for me on the 15th of november.

children For Children is a Dutch children’s choir each year, the composition has changed. It is a time for children between the ages of 7 and 12 years of age. Each year, they also have an album full of Dutch-speaking children, who usually have an educational value and can also be used in the classroom. Between the months of October and november, and the new songs are on the tv, which was proposed by BNNVARA. The show is being recorded and will be released on DVD.