At the end of a superb match, the Stade toulousain is needed on the lawn, Racing 92, U Arena, in the face of the ile-de-france, totally disconcerted. The men of Ugo Mola qualify for the semi-finals of the Champions Cup and will play against the European champions, Leinster, in Dublin in three weeks. Back on a meeting of the franco-French.

SUMMARY. Toulouse-pounding Racing 92

at the start of the meeting, Toulouse, takes the game in hand. In the seventh minute of the game to the penalty, Antoine Dupont opens the score. After a superb collective work, the scrum half picks up in the inside, prevents a plating, and will flatten (0-5). Antoine Dupont sign his fifth test in the competition and launches ideally the game Toulouse. In the Face of the poles, Zack Holmes transforms (0-7).

a Few minutes later, the Racing opens its counters on a penalty converted by Maxime Machenaud (3-7, 13′). And the Number will even reach to take the advantage again. On an interception of Russell, the machine francilienne ring road starts against terrible. Thomas can take the advantage. The opener scottish accelerates before starting Thomas in depth which receives and flattens in the corner (8-7, 19′). Machenaud, off-center right side, turns (10-7, 20′).

But the turning point of the match came at the 22nd minute with the expulsion of Zack Holmes. The referee of the meeting, Mr Pearce believes that the shoulder of the half of the opening is in the throat. Red card and a hard blow for the inhabitants of Toulouse. A true master at playing to his team, Holmes leaves his teammates at 14. On the penalty that follows, Machenaud missed his kick 40 metres to the left.

and Then, the Stade toulousain sign a masterpiece. In a few passes, the inhabitants of Toulouse pierce the defence francilienne. Guitone transplanted in the centre and found Maxime Medard who achieves a superb essay (10-12, 31′). But Roman Ntamack lack the transformation to the right-hand corner.

Finally, following a scrum five granted by Vakatawa, Toulouse depart on the closed. Tauzin goes to the ground. The ball bounces off of Dupont, in a position of opener that feints, rushes, and registered a new try under the posts (10-17, 36′). In the Face of the poles, Ntamack transforms (10-19, 37′). At the break, Toulouse have done the break !

At the back of the locker room, the ile-de-france to resume the game in hand. Machenaud converts two penalties in a row (49′, 54′) and his team return to three points (16-19). The Stade toulousain responds by Ramos that turns to turn a penalty from 30 metres on the right (16-22, 68′), but was very scared a few minutes later. In the 74th minute, Camille Cat realizes it a try in the right corner. Countered by touches, the hooker île-de-france recovers the ball on a throw poorly executed of Kolbe and successfully resisted two veneers before flat. Maxime Machenaud misses the transformation (21-22). If Toulouse is still in the lead, the threat is accurate.

In the very end of the match, Nakarawa is the same two fingers to send his team to the semi-finals of the competition. But Mr. Pearce comes back with a fault on a key press. The test shall be voided and Toulouse to The Defence thanks to his squad’s offensive in the first act and a state of mind bulletproof in the second. The Racing has lost the pedals on the half-hour game and has failed to return despite his rush end. The Stade toulousain will face Leinster, the reigning European champion, in Dublin in three weeks.