Showbiz Celien Deloof (26), the daughter of Margaret Herman and her husband, Nico Vergaelen, his and after nine years apart from each other, but they will still be together in their real estate agency business. That is, according to therapists and psychologists, not to be self-evident, but be of good courage.

Celien Deloof and her husband, were announced yesterday after more than nine years, including four years as a married couple, are no longer a couple. The Details of their divorce, they didn’t say, but she had to know that the real estate office that they are out of the ground, stomped, and (C&N Realty and Management, they will continue to exist and will not be affected by their break-up. “It’s not easy to come to work after a relational rupture,” says relationship therapist, Chloe is The Bee, which was on view at the VTM-broadcast ‘Couples’. “I think a lot of ex-partners, this is the beginning of something. However, sometimes it is, but I do not know will succeed. The people are from each other, with an réden.”
– Respect remains intact

Nathalie Meskens & Jeroen Van Dyck has also been tried, after the divorce. They were business partners in the crime, remain in place and connected to each other by their restaurants. But for a very long time, has business cooperation not since then taken. “A lot of it depends on what the underlying reasons for the marital breakdown,” says Lut Celie, a psychotherapist from The bleeching field. “If the faith is lost, when there is anger or hatred in the game, it is, for example, because the other person has cheated then I don’t think it is possible after a marital breakdown have to work together. However, there are also relationships that are built on true friendship, and just end up as partners of each other, have grown. As for the friendship, and the basic trust and respect is maintained, there are, however, possibilities. It can even be a benefit to each other through and through.”

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