is Added. The market for car insurance was once clear. And also admittedly, It is a little annoying, again and again, the terms and conditions of the various companies of cost-savings opportunities by fleas.

Nevertheless, those Who switch from the most expensive to the cheapest provider, you can save on auto insurance annually, a few Hundred euros.

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And even someone who is already housed in a cheap insurer, for example, should take when buying a new car, the offers of the competition once more under the magnifying glass. Because, as the experience of Elke willow, Westphalia, Bach, insurance expert at the consumer advice centre North Rhine-Westphalia. “Improved services for the same money are mostly still in there.”

Anyone interested in an exchange, must hurry: the deadline for the termination of the previous motor Vehicle insurer in most insurance policies, the 30. November.

In the case of the car insurance customers benefit from a special termination right

Some of the large service provider for a swim, in the meantime, against the current and not keep slavishly to the uniform change of date for 1. January. In these cases, the insurance year is not the calendar year, but an individually specified Contract time as is the case with other policies as well. “The companies want to move away from this appointment, because you will lose in the competition regularly in stock,” says Andrea Heyer of the consumer advice centre of Saxony. Regardless of the contract design clients who miss your personal termination date, but in no way was a losing battle.

beyond the scheduled date for the termination of the previous Motor insurers (30. November), you benefit from various special termination right, for example, if the insurance company increases the contributions to improve without at the same time, the benefits. “In this case, the customer has one month, a notice to say,” says expert Weidenbach. “The period runs from the day on which he receives the notification letter from the insurance company.”   display: Here, free of charge, compare loans  

the Premature exit from the car insurance

Also pull the ripcord can be Assured that when you log out of your vehicle or shut down. The insurance ends with the sale of the car. In addition, customers are free to return to the event of damage, your insurer back and to the competition to overflow – regardless of whether or not and how the insurance company settles the claim. Financial losses associated with such a phase-in of the rule: The law requires that the Alliance and the co. have to refund too much paid contributions. So who has already paid for the whole year, but at the end of June from the contract out of the hand, may require its contributions for the second half of the year.

Only exception to this is: “customers, who stay less than a year, your insurer must pay the insurance charges in the event of premature termination of the contract according to a special’ Short term plan’. These are usually more expensive. Defectors get back in such a situation, therefore, usually only a part of their money,“ says consumer activist Weidenbach.

discounts for a second car

Who carries himself with the exchange of thoughts, should take the conditions of his desire to party, however, exactly under the magnifying glass. This is not always easy. The companies do a lot to complicate the comparison. Although all insurers have discounts for long accident-free Driving, but the conditions vary.

Some ensnare their customers with discounts for second, other, advertise with special conditions for women, fathers of families, Bank employees or officials. New to the program discounts for new drivers or cheap family rates are also. However, no one from the dulcet discount should hide Offered. Some companies offer even with their normal Rates, cheap deals more expensive companies. In many cases, the discounts are also linked to conditions: for example, the car may only be the holder of dangers, or the mileage is limited.

quality check for policies

Another issue: those Who based solely on price, you risk a lot. The cheapest car insurance can be quickly the most expensive variant, if, in the case of an emergency, the benefits votes. “There are minimum standards, which should be no Police”, says the expert, and willow Creek. While in the case of hull insurance, the personal need for security, the age of the car and your personal driving style, the choice of the rate can be determine, advises the expert, for example, to ordain in respect of liability insurance, the maximum amount of coverage.

The comparison calculator not selected only according to the price, but also has particularly high-performance products with a seal of quality. Essential to this distinction is that the customer receives at the liability coverage in the amount of 100 million euros that the insurance pays for damages caused with a car hire abroad and that the insurance pays even if the client has caused a damage through gross negligence. Car insurance terminate (display) frequently terminated Car insurance Allianz Car insurance cancel | AXA terminate | Huk-Coburg cancel | R+V terminate | ERGO terminate | VHV terminate | DEVK terminate | HUK24 terminate | LMV cancel | del to cancel | right to terminate | Volkswagen Car insurance terminate

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