Al-Baghdadi is allowed to be turned off, but the world is not safer now. “His death won’t make a difference. A terrorist attack in Europe, it is not unlikely to happen.” To maintain at least one fighter who is in a prison in the North of Iraq, and that the journalist Ian Pannell vanABC Newskon to talk to.

Muhammad Hasik shows, during the interview, no remorse over his actions, as Syriëstrijder. The Bosnian minimize, in addition to the demoralizing effect that the death of al-Baghdadi on its supporters it will have. He predicts a terrorist attack on European soil.

Hasik came out in 1994 and the world in Srebrenica. In his own words, came a twenty family members during the civil war in the former Yugoslavia (icty). As a six-year-old boy, he came along with his mother as a refugee in Germany. While in his teens, he came into contact with drugs, and ended up at the age of nineteen, in the cell.

In August 2014, he set off for a ‘friend’ that he was in prison and had come to know it, to Life. Six months later, he was again in Germany, but because he was in jail, afraid he came back to Life.

After appearing in the Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa, he is in 2017, about the American armed forces. Now, the man is in a prison in the North of Iraq, cries during an interview with the journalist Ian Pannell, his innocence of. “I was a police officer. I just did my job. We got criminals,” said Hasik. “I’ve had enough of war and wants to live a normal life in Germany.”