Celebrities, Caitlyn, Jenner, earlier this week, 70 years of age. This milestone should not go unnoticed, to go, was the youngest daughter, Kylie (22), and so organized for a dinner party at the posh Nobu in Malibu.

a lot of family members came to the school, it appears from the photos that the family will be on social media, you know. As we can see Kylies sister Kendall, and her half-brother Brandon, his pregnant girlfriend Cayley. Also, Caitlyns, a 22-year-old girlfriend, you’re on the go, just like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Caitlyns and former step-daughters. Khloé and Rob, the Kardashians, were nowhere in sight. Also, sons, Brody, and Burt and daughter, Casey, was not present. That is, it is between Caitlyn and her children and step-children may not be as effective botert, it is already known. A lot of it has to do with Caitlyns sex change at the end of 2015. The former athlete, Bruce was turned into a woman, however, had the interviews are heavily out of, inter alia, the ex-wife, Kris Jenner. And that was her step-children are difficult verkroppen. And his son Brody, who was alleged to her that she had to in order to make up for the time of his marriage.

However, at the end of your party and let the family fail to comply with their heart.In some of the photos from the evening on Instagram and wrote in the year: “a very verjaardagsetentje. I love all of you.” OokKylie, Kourtney, and Kim shared photos and videos of the dinner party on social media. In one of the pictures that Kim posted, sings with the group, Caitlyn and ask her to make a wish. “I wish we could be more together, together, come,” says the newly minted 70-year-old replied.It was also the birthday cake that Caitlyn, her family and me. It was a great picture of the realityster when she started working with Bruce. The birthday boy had had no trouble with it; she also shared a close-up view of the taartfoto, when they are a toddler, Kendall, and the baby Was in her arms, on Instagram (click the Instagram photo, below, to the right of the image to be viewed, eds.).

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