History 17/02/20 “C-13”: how the Soviet submarine became the most deadly in the history

According to official data, this invulnerable Soviet submarine during the great Patriotic war sank about a dozen Nazi courts. Thousands of people, including those who were not soldiers, died.

Six sunken “transports”

As evidenced by Russian historians, from 1942 to 1945, the Soviet submarine “s-13” sank and damaged 6 ships of the Navy anti-Soviet coalition – 2 Finnish, one Dutch and 3 Nazi.
Researchers of the biography “s-13” writers V. S. Gaimanov, V. the scientist is the military historian Yu. M. Lebedev bring in their books for two major tragedies that occurred as a result of torpedo attacks a Soviet submarine – the sinking of the “Wilhelma Gustlova” and “General Steuben”.

Defeated “Gustloff”

according to V. the scientist is, as a result of torpedoing a Soviet submarine in January 1945, the German transport ship “Wilhelm Gustloff” died about 6 thousand people.
the Authoritative German weekly “der Spiegel” calls this the tragedy of the biggest Maritime disaster, incomparable even with the death of “Titanic.” The magazine cites 9 the thousands killed by the sinking of “Wilhelm Gustlova” (6 times more than on the Titanic), mostly women and children. Most of the passengers on the transport “Wilhelm Gustloff” was not related to service in the Third Reich, they had the status of evacuees. But the Nazi ship was de facto equipped with weapons and, in fact, was a military target.
the scientist is cites the fact that the C-13 shot “Wilhelm Gustloff” by three torpedoes from a distance of 700 metres. About a thousand passengers and crew members of “Gustlova” managed to escape – the lifeboat support (according to “Spiegel”, the ship was then about 10 thousand people).

the Last flight of the “General Steuben”

as a result of a torpedo attack of the submarine Alexandra Marinescu 9 February 1945, this passenger ocean liner was sunk 2 wounded 800, 800 refugees and other people, including soldiers (historian Yuri Lebedev cites 4 276 Germans who were at the time of the torpedo attack on the ship). The captain’s “C-13” of Marinesko behind this attack was going to assign the title of Hero of the Soviet Union. Lebedev writes that Marinesko “beguiled” “Steuben” with the German cruiser “Emden, and therefore attacked.

the recommendation for award of Marinesko and it is said that the candidate for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union two torpedoes sank an enemy cruiser, escorted by three destroyers. Historian Yu. M. Lebedev studied ship (ship) journal “C-13” of the time, and based on his record came to the conclusion that the Soviet submariners, to put it mildly, had little idea of what the transport should be on their way. Yuri gives arguments that can testify to the Mercantile interests of divers for lent “derail” the cruiser was supposed 20 thousand rubles, and for transport – “only” three. Lebedev believes that due to the fact that Marinesko was wrong, he was the title Hero in life and not given (Alexander Ivanovich awarded the title with the order of Lenin in may 1990, posthumously).
Alexander Marinesko April 1945, took to drink, and it was removed from the submarine, and in November of the same year transferred to the reserve. It is believed that the record sunk his “C-13” Hitler’s courts (total of over 42,000 tons), still not beaten.

Nicholas Syromyatnikov

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