Asse (belgium) for Two people on Tuesday were injured in a serious accident on the Gentsesteenweg in Asse (belgium). Bystanders were able to have a driver from her burning car rescue. The road has been due to the accident for several hours to completely obstructed.

The accident occurred about 20 hours on it, new water tank, on the highway between Asse and Affligem. A Vauxhall Astra and a Renault Scenic hit it head on at each other. The engine bay of the cars that flew by the heavy blow of fire. The driver did not get out of the wreckage and was helped by bystanders, while the others are fifteen, fire extinguishers, fire leegspoten. The fire brigade was on the spot to prevent the fire from completely dying out.

Both of the drivers were injured, were transported to the hospital. One of the two was going to be shot, the other ran a light injury. The public prosecutor’s office of Halle-Vilvoorde (belgium) had sent a verkeersdeskundige to the site of the accident to investigate. Because of this, the Gentsesteenweg, for a long period of time is blocked.