Brothers Tsuba: the Belarusian

Heroes 26/12/19 Brothers Tsuba: the Belarusian “Susanin” great Patriotic

the Village of Noviny Soligorsk district, Minsk region, where lived the brothers Tsuba, long ago renamed in their honor. Ivan and Mikhail there is revered as heroes. And no wonder: the fact that these old people during the great Patriotic war actually repeated the feat of Susanin. More precisely, the older brother refused to obey the Germans, but the younger one decided to sacrifice his life in exchange for the lives of dozens of Nazis.

Operation “Hornung”

As you know, in the years of the great Patriotic war, the Germans once held in the Soviet Union brutal punitive actions. As he writes in his book “the Tunnel. The beginning” Alexander Sinderen, the Nazis believed that such operations simply necessary to intimidate the local population. Thus the invaders were planning to persuade residents to their side and fix them against members of the big guerrilla detachments, which were a real scourge to the enemy. That’s only because of punitive actions among the civilian population increased the hatred is not against the partisans, and against the Germans.

However, the invaders continued to destroy entire villages in the hope to achieve their goal. If you believe the author of the book “the Intelligence agencies of the Third Reich”, Sergey Chuev, February 10, 1943 in Belarusian Polesie began a large-scale campaign under the code name “Hornung” (“connections”), directed against participants of the Slutsk and Pinsk partisan units and civilian population of several districts of the Byelorussian SSR. The forces were unequal, but because the guerrillas even with the battle, but went deeper and deeper into the forest. Together with them left their homes and communities.

Brothers of Novin

After the guerrillas withdrew into the forest and most of the residents of the village of Noviny Soligorsk district, Minsk region. Among the remaining felt.were brothers Tsuba: senior, 75-year-old Michael, and younger, 70-year-old Ivan. There are several versions of why the elderly were not able to escape from the Nazis. So, in the publication “your Name immortal” in 1975 stated that John and Michael tried to flee with them, but was seized by the executioners. But Jacob Makarenko, author of the book “the Beautiful face of victory”, is convinced that the Tsuba did not even hide, believing that elderly and sick people, the SS is not touched.

whatever it was, Ivan and Mikhail Tsuba was in the hands of the Germans, who were not eager to climb through the forests in search of guerrilla groups. Therefore, the invaders invited the brothers to lead them in the guerrilla camp. If to believe the edition of “History of Belarus” under the editorship of doctor of historical Sciences G. Ya. Golenchenko, senior, Michael, did not join with the Nazis in a discussion, but simply refused to betray his. In turn punishers also did not stand on ceremony with stubborn and killed Michael right in front of his younger brother.

As Susanin

at this point In Ivan’s head tsuba and matured a cunning plan, whereby he was able not only to revenge the Germans for the death of his brother, but also take the trouble of the guerrillas, and at the same time and from his fellow villagers. The old man agreed to hold the SS in the guerrilla camp. However, by showing the enemies, Ivan really took the Nazis farther and farther away from trails into the forest, where even in the winter cold did not freeze Grechanovsky swamp. According to V. E. Bystrov on the pages of his book “Heroes of the underground: about the struggle of Soviet patriots in the rear of the German fascist invaders during the great Patriotic war,” the executioners soon realized that tsuba they were simply deceived.

They dealt with the old man and began, according to the instructions, to submit distress signals using the rockets. Thus the Germans gave their location to the Soviet partisans who, taking advantage of the moment and destroyed most of the punitive. This story, according to Vadim Yakunin in his book “Position, and figureness of the Russian Orthodox Church during the great Patriotic war, 1941-1945,” he told the soldiers sole survivor of an SS interpreter. Thanks to his story about the heroism of the brothers learned the whole country. After a few years Ivan and Mikhail set in the News the monument, and the village was renamed in their honor.

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